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Food waste

Food waste is a subject that I have studied in the recent years and today I am an accredited consultant for the international certification: The Pledge on Food Waste. Originally, it was designed for hotel restaurants, and is just as interesting for independent restaurants and canteens. 

It reduces waste while saving on costs.

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Trainings and support

I propose training sessions for people in institutions as well as for employees in companies or young students. In particular, I have created a training course on sustainable tourism for the City of Paris (24 hours of sustainable tourism), as well as a training course on food waste for middle school students and adults.

More generally, I can provide support in your CSR problematics through a study of your processes and the establishment of an action plan.

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Hotel environmental labeling


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Facilitator for the Climate Fresk

Collaborative game which enables you to understand the subject of climate change. It is a fun and dynamic tool which helps apprehend this complex subject. The game uses cards which are dividend into 5 batches, and the participants have to place the cards from cause to consequence, whilst connecting them.

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